5.12.2007: Added new version with support to build SVG graphs from your workout. Too bad I couldn't get SVG to work as well as I would have wanted. Otherwise I would have integrated measuring features like in NettiHpk. But it is definitely better than nothing.

20.1.2007: Garmin Forerunner support added! I used Forerunner last summer and were very satisfied on it as a hrm. For an orienteer position information is a very nice feature with tools like RouteGadget. Softwere for mac sucks thought ( It is late. Garmin has promised their tool to be available for mac for a looong time. Heard that it is now just around the corner.) I used cmd line tools to download files and split them to separate .hst workoutfiles, analyzed in NettiHpk. Last weekend I packaged those script to T6 Exporter for my friend. Now you can use the same tool to download files from both Suunto and Garmin. Widgets name changed after only three weeks it become public.

News! Today I made a Dashboard version of T6Exporter. My first widget ever. For a professional web developer that was pretty painless task. Works only for tiger and up, but this will most likely be the version that gets updates in the future. Dashboard environment might allow me to easily integrate php code developed for nettihpk.com and make graphs etc. Note that this version isn't tested at all in real environment (don't own T6 myself), so in case it works or not I'd be happy to receive feedback via email (matti št nettirasia dot com).

missing software tool for Mac to download workout files from Suunto T6 and Garmin Forerunner heart rate monitors.

Goto Download page

Note! You need to install some cable drivers etc. Check README file in package for more help.

Note! With T6 download sometimes fails and as a very immature software this ignores failures in data transfer. In case all your files don't show up, simply try to re-download files.

Did you know that using Suunto with your Mac is not such a pain in the ass as is the case with Polar hr monitors and their "non-usb" usb cable ? Paul (don't know whole name) has made a nice command line linux program to export data from T6. It happens to compile easily on mac. As my friend (who is not terminal fanatic) actually needed this, I also made a very simple AppleScript wrapper (GUI) for it and also an export format for nettihpk.com (web training-log application developed by me for pro athletes, which supports multiple hrm file formats). Later software has become a Dashboard Widget and gotten feature to download from Garmin Forerunner as well. HrmWidget exports all your training in both csv and nettihpk export formats to your Users/Shared dir. Instructions are in package, enjoy analyzing your training data!

Note, HrmWidget is still in beta level! Don't expect it to perform without errors. If you get corrupted data with first download, re-export may help.

This software will be licensed under GNU (as is the core cmd line tool), but haven't got time to package source. Ask sources via email from matti št nettirasia dot com if you want to continue my work (or digg into widget package, its only scripts and compiled Paul's command line tool). Even better if you want to take a place as a project leader, I don't have the time this project requires...

Modified 5.12.2007